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Second Sitters No.1

Parker Gallery, The Cass, April 2013

Private View

Second Sitters' private view was a huge success with over 150 attendees. All artists were present discussing their work. Dr John Cross introduced the neighbouring Parker Gallery. Special thanks to The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design for use of the gallery and support. Thank you to Howling Hops for the donation of their craft beer.

The Exhibits

A selection of images of the work on show. Artists include, Hannah Stanton, Jude Dennis, Debbie Lowndes, Pia St John, Tracey Fox, India Carpenter, Rachael South, Sandra Ruiz Calvo, Julia Surnina & Yasemen Hussein

2013 Press

We where lucky enough to have some great press support for the show. Thanks you to Barbara Chandler for featuring Second Sitters to her 'Things to do in April' section of the Evening Standard. Thank you to RedOnline for their understanding and insightful words.

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