Jude’s unique take on her upholstery skills brings a playfulness and humour to this traditional craft, simultaneously celebrating and subverting. Although the stitches, materials and techniques she uses are rooted in tradition her creations are most certainly not.


Starting out in the disposable world of art departments, set building, prop making, and on site styling, a need to create something with longevity sent her back to study upholstery (at what is now The Cass) where she gained a City and Guilds and won several awards for her excellence of execution and forward thinking approach to upholstery design.


It is this combination of experiences and the importance and love she places on hand skills and finishing that provides the strong aesthetic to her own work.


Jude currently works from her studio in East London and returned to The Cass where she works part time as the upholstery technician.

Hannah Stanton is a designer, award winning upholsterer and author. Much of her work incorporates elements of memory and place alongside carefully considered material combinations. Her early upholstered pieces concealed engraved boxes containing salvaged fabric & mementos – time capsules for future custodians. Reclaimed materials and objects found in her work often contrast with high end materials and modern production techniques. Travel is a constant inspiration, her carefully curated records often inspiring new collections.


Having studied at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, Hannah forged a successful design career before retraining as an upholsterer. Following a series of well documented commissions, she was approached to write a book on the subject. This lead to Second Sitters, a series of co-curated exhibitions borne out her desire to question the very nature of upholstery and its position within the worlds of art, design and craft. Personal works including the Show Pony reflected this development, turning traditional notions of upholstery on their head. Her commissions, such as that for the offices of Hailo in Somerset House, have expanded to include the spaces within which her pieces sit.


Whilst continuing to complete furniture and interior commissions, Hannah is currently putting some of her own designs into production. Utilising modern techniques alongside the traditional, Hannah builds on her deep knowledge of craft and design to produce elegant and unique pieces. Her recent collection of tables feature laser cut metal frames supporting timber reclaimed from a local historical building.

Hannah Stanton
Jude Dennis


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