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Project works with Homeless

National Centre for Craft & Design

artsNK has teamed up with Framework/On Track North Kesteven, a local charity which tackles the causes and consequences of homelessness, to involve residents based at their supported accommodation unit at Sleaford Foyer.

The workshops on Thursday and Friday at the National Centre for Craft and Design are inspired by the new Second Sitter’s exhibition ‘Upholstery: Evolution to Revolution’, which opened on Saturday and features creative work from UK upholsterers.

artsNK commissioned socially engaged artist Katie Smith from Boston and ‘Guerrilla’ upholsterer Mick Sheridan from Swansea, whose work features in the exhibition, to work with the Framework residents.


words: Sleaford Standard

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"When we heard about the upcoming Second Sitters exhibition ‘Upholstery: Evolution to Revolution’ at The National Centre for Craft and Design, artsNK saw the potential to develop an art project that engages with the social injustices and personal stories associated with homelessness and the opportunity to forge a new relationship with Framework/On Track North Kesteven, who are equally excited to work with us on this project. I am anticipating a transformative outcome for all involved."

Marion Sander 

Visual Arts Development Coordinator at artsNK

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